Black Rock Grill concept will amplify your bottom line

What is the Black Rock Grill dining experience?

Tabletop dining at the next level. Allow your customers to cook their meal live at the table on a superheated volcanic stone. A wide range of produce can be cooked on the stone so you can really create an exciting and fresh menu. We have a range of professional set-up's to choose from depending on the size of your establishment.

What are the benefits of Black Rock Grill?:

- Get ahead of your competitors, offer a USP that is unique and exciting

- Serve customers within 5 minutes of ordering

- Turntables quickly

- Serve meals indoors & out

- Fewer staff needed to operate

- No meals returned

- Hygienic safe sizzling hot meals

- Rebound quickly and profitably

- Increase average spend

BR108 Rock oven showing door open with rocks stacked inside

Over 1600 Venues In Over 80 Countries..So Far - Customer Testimonials:


Our winning the Best midmarket restaurant group in the Saudi Arabian Tourism Award had a lot to do with Black Rock Grill. Our customers really appreciate the uniqueness, flavours and theatre of Black Rock and that compliments what we offer at our restaurants.

Steak House Group
Saudi Arabia

Customer service from Black Rock Grill has been 5*. A huge amount of support from Louise. People love the theatre and they love the idea and the novelty behind it. From a chef's point of view, we love it because tables with a Black Rock Grill are so much easier and save time as the steak cooks at the table instead of in the kitchen which is very helpful on a busy night. 

Mark, Head Chef

Black Rock Grill brings theatre and fun to the restaurant. The interactive method of cooking provides a casual al fresco alternative for our guests to kick back and enjoy the ambience of eating on deck under the stars. It has proved such a big hit, our guests think it’s ‘amazing’. Such praise means that we are looking to roll out the Black Rock Grill concept across the entire fleet.

Rudi Scholdis, Culinary Director
Silverseas Cruise Lines, USA

Black Rock Grill brings a whole new dining  experience to our food offer on board. Our Passengers really appreciate the uniqueness, flavours and theatre of Black Rock Grill dining and that complements what we offers on our cruise line.

Kulli Joakit
Tallink Cruise Line, Estonia

Add customer reviews and testimonials to showcase your store’s happy customers. When we installed a 30 rock system in 2005 we were not doing a great deal of food track. Our business has since boomed and we have been able to add an extension to the kitchen and a conservatory with 25 seats to cope with the extra demand..

Denise & John Butler
Three Horses

Since introducing Black Rock Grill we've boosted covers by 80 each day and in the first year doubled our profits.

Jonathan Watson
Mermaid Tavern, Herm Island
people dining on a sizzling steak on a stone hot stone cooking rock set by black rock grill people dining on a sizzling steak on a stone hot stone cooking rock set by black rock grill

An Amazing Interactive Dining Experience

Bring Your Menu To Life

Lock In All Natural Juices

Capturing the FULL FLAVOUR

Not Just for Steaks

Expand the menu wider with Seafood, Poultry & Veggies


Achieve higher average spends, less food wastage, faster service and turnaround, less staff needed in the kitchen.


You don't need to build a new restaurant. This concept is so powerful it can fit into any space or even just plug in around the pool or in the garden or rooftop. Lease finance available.


The Black Rock Grill concept fits nicely with many themes and there is no need to spend money on re-fitting the kitchen. Just use your imagination. It's unique and will add a USP to your business


Your kitchen staff will spend less time preparing food in the kitchen so they can spend more time ensuring customers are happy. The food is prepared in a matter of minutes and can be with the customer straight away.

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