Kaufen Sie eine Leasing-Finanzierung

Verringern Sie den Cashflow, indem Sie die Kosten verteilen

Black Rock Grill-Setup-Leasing beginnt bei nur 1,22 £ pro Tag

(5-jährige Laufzeit, basierend auf 3-jähriger Laufzeit, mit Shire Leasing)

Effeuno-Pizzaöfen für B2B schon ab 0,76 £ pro Tag

(Mindestausgaben 1.000 £, 5-Jahres-Laufzeit, basierend auf 3 Jahren Handel mit Shire Leasing)

Buy Black Rock Grill on lease finance

If you are thinking about adding Black Rock Grill to your restaurant then consider lease finance
What are the benefits of leasing?

Financing provides your establishment the ability to install your Black Rock Grill set-up fast, enabling you to grow and become more productive without risking one of your most precious resources— CAPITAL!

Low fixed monthly payments, Plan budgets:

- Payments are fixed so you know when & how much to pay

- Tailored repayment options. Spread the cost over 1-5 years

- You will own the equipment in full after the final payment

- Even new businesses will be considered for lease finance

- Tax-deductible

What is included in the Black Rock Grill set-up?

- 1 Black Rock Grill professional commercial Oven

- Platters

- Rocks

- Marketing materials & Manual

- Marketing support along the way

Leases start for as little as €2.50 per day

(5 year term, based on 3 years trading)

Please complete this no-obligation application for your easy approval. You will receive a response quickly and we will provide you with the best option designed for your business:

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