Have a wedding with a difference with Black Rock Gril

Have a wedding with a difference with Black Rock Gril

Out go traditional wedding’s, we are seeing more Weddings & Parties with a difference.

Bring on the Black Rock Grill's

We understand that organising a wedding or big event can be stressful which is why we try to take away some of the stress when it comes to catering. 

Weddings are expensive and everyone wants to ensure that their wedding is memorable and that people are talking about it for years. But how can this be done? 

Move away from the traditional wedding ideas and let's talk about how Black Rock Grill can fit into your wedding. Instead of serving a roast dinner of A La Carte, serve your guests meat on a rock so that they can cook their own food to their individual tastes. Imagine having a wedding day with no complaints about how the food was cooked or stress in the kitchen - we promise this is not a dream, we can make this reality!

Having Black Rock Grill at your wedding will bring the theatre to the dinner table as your guests cook their food, the room will be filled with a delightful sizzling sound. 


People that hire our set-up usually say the same thing - that people are a little fed up with the formal boring hotel banqueting room that charge you the earth for what usually is a pretty basic 3 course menu chicken, beef or a limp fish dish.

How does it work on the day?

And it couldn’t be simpler, if you have a caterer, tell them you want Black Rock Grill and your caterer can hire the entire set-up, so that all of your guests can enjoy their own sizzling steak on the stone.

If you are not hiring a caterer then you can hire direct the equipment from Black Rock Grill. Our set up team will take care of all the booking details, you will need to pay a deposit so that the equipment is reserved for your special day.

We will arrange the rest including the transport to and from the venue. We hire the equipment for 3 days so that it is on site, tested and up and running one day before your wedding. All the equipment is tested and full training given to the operator so there are no glitches on the day.

We want you to have an amazing party and will go the extra mile to ensure your catering team is briefed on how to operate the Black Rock Grill.

Menu Planning couldn’t be easier

Our team have been busy with the wedding and party hire we have held events in Marque’s in the Highlands of Scotland right across to a sailing club in Portsmouth.

Is there a limit to the size of party you are organising?

No, we have Steak on the Stone Hire kits that will suit a gathering of 12 people to events with over 200 revellers.

So what are you waiting for? Call our UK team on 01256 359858 or email sales@blackrockgrill.com and we can discuss your wedding!