Theme parks and themed restaurants

Give your guests a dining experience like no other

If you are looking for a dining concept to fit in with a theme then you are in the right place...

Theme parks and themed restaurants

Black Rock Grill is so flexible it can fit into any restaurant seamlessly, which is why it is perfect for theme restaurants and theme parks. Legoland use the live dining experience to create a ‘feast fit for a king’ in their Castle Hotel in the Windsor Resort.

Smaller resorts have revolutionised their food offering with Black Rock Grill, including Potters leisure resort in Norfolk.

Customers will return for Black Rock Grill

Restaurants in this sector have experienced increased profits because customers come back again and again to experience the live dining. Stonegrill cooking is a very sociable way to dine searing steak on a stone and tabletop cooking

A unique theme

If you wanted to take another step away from your competition then you could have a restaurant that has a theme like Mad Rex have with their post-apocalyptic restaurant in Philadelphia. The interactive live dining experience fits perfectly with their virtual reality lounge.

There are so many options when it comes to Black Rock Grill in your hotel, resort or restaurant, customers will love the live dining experience and it will gives them something, even more, to brag about when they get home.

What are the next steps?

So, now you are probably thinking about how Black Rock Grill could be added to your restaurant, the next step is choosing a Set Up & oven that will suit your kitchen. We have a selection of steak stones set-ups to choose from, each one has a different capacity and is built to cope with whatever you throw at it.

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Achieve higher average spends, less food wastage, faster service and turnaround, less staff need in the kitchen.


You don't need to build a new restaurant. This concept is so powerful it can fit into any space or ever just plug in around the pool or in the garden or rooftop.


The Black Rock Grill concept fits nicely with many themes and there is no need to spend money on re-fitting the kitchen. Just use your imagination.


Your kitchen staff will spend less time preparing food in the kitchen so they can spend more time ensuring customers are happy. The food is prepared in a matter of minutes and can be with the customer straight away. Training materials are included when you buy an oven set-up.

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