10 Year On & they are still ROCKING at The Chetwode Arms


“Introducing Black Rock Grill was probably the best thing we did””

 Yesterday I had a call from one of our first ever customers Richard Sharnok of The Chetwode Arms – Lower Whitley in Cheshire England.

It was back in 2005 that Richard & Claudia invested in Black Rock Grill for their new acquisition The Chetwode Arms a 17th Century pub in the Cheshire countryside.
Their purchase was a Black Rock Grill BR 30 rock package and over the years they have upgraded to the largest BRseries with a capacity of 108 rocks. Which suggests that Black Rock Grill is a Chetwode Arms favorite.

Steak on a stone camel, llama and kangaroo too

It was good to catch up with Richard and I have to say I was delighted that the call was not about an oven malfunction or breakdown, Richard was calling to ask for updated staff training DVD and manuals to induct his new Christmas crew on Black Rock Grill.

The Chetwode Arms dates from the mid 17th century, and is largely unchanged. A multi roomed pub with six different rooms, an extensive lobby area with seating, providing a suitable atmospheric environment whether you want a casual drink or a sumptuous meal.
Beer Garden

Richard and Claudia Sharnok are hands on and run the pub; Richard originates from South Africa, and Claudia from Austria. Each brings a unique piece of the culture of their homeland to this peaceful part of Cheshire, with the tastes and culture of those lands.

It is very satisfying as the supplier of the Black Rock Grill Concept to hear from our customers that black rock represents the large majority of meals served.

Black Rock Grill Lava Rock Cooking Combo Favorite

It was good too to hear that Black Rock Grill helped keep the customers visiting through the banking crisis and recession and it gave me huge warm feeling of satisfaction when Richard said “Black Rock Grill was a major contributor to them still being at the Chetwode Arms 10 years on” “If it hadnt been for Black Rock Grill i wonder if we would still have been at the Chetwode Arms”
Needless to say we sorted Richard out with our latest staff training pack, so he can get the staff updated and look forward to a thriving Christmas trade and another 10 Years at the pub.

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