What are the benefits of BRG?

Black Rock Grill:

•     Drives more customers to your restaurant

•     Increases your average spend

•     Makes customers come back more often

•     Works alone or with your current menu

•     Generates more profit

•     Reduces kitchen costs


It is also worth noting that Black Rock Grill Does Not Need:

•     Special wiring (runs on normal single phase 220-240v supply)

•     Extra ventilation in the kitchen (nothing special needed)

•     Huge space (oven footprint only 730mm x770mm/29 inches x 31.5 inches)

•     To pay licence fees (straight purchase or lease and no ‘tie-in’)

•     Huge investment (costs can be covered in one year by as little as 2 extra meals each day)

•     Involved feasibility study (we can provide this for you based on feedback from current users)

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