What do they say about you?

“When we installed a 30 rock system in 2005 we were not doing a great deal of food trade. Our business has since boomed and we have been able to add an extension to the kitchen and a conservatory with 25 seats to cope with the extra demand. Black Rock Grill accounts for most of our food trade, and we upgraded to a 60 rock system in April 2009 to cope with the continuing demand.”

Denise and John Butler, Three Horseshoes, UK


“Black Rock Grill brings a whole new dining experience to our food offer on–board. Our passengers really appreciate the uniqueness, flavours and theatre of Black Rock Grill dining and that complements what we offer on our cruise line.”

Kulli Joakit, Tallink Cruise Line, Estonia


“Since introducing Black Rock Grill we’ have boosted covers by 80 each day and in the first year doubled our profits.”

Jonathan Watson, Mermaid Tavern, Herm Island


“Perfect! A unique dining experience that has captivated our resident guests as well as the local customers wishing to try something new, exciting and a little bit different.”

Kirstie Hood, Potters Leisure Resort, Hopton-on-Sea, Norfolk

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