How is Black Rock Grill changing the food industry?

From small pubs to large restaurant chains, Black Rock Grill is the solution.

The Black Rock Grill dining concept has made a big difference in many sectors of the food industry. Restaurants, hotels, pubs, cruise liners and theme parks have seen an increase in customers since adding Black Rock Grill to the menu..

Increase in customer visits and footfall

Hotels with our steak on the stone concept have seen more hotel guests eating in their restaurant as well as an increase in non-residents dining in their restaurant. With the increased footfall and better average spends you can expect to see a return on investment in around 3 to 4 months. Our customers have also found that the stone grill concept does not require as many kitchen staff so they have been able to lower the monthly wages spend.

A flexible concept to fit all eateries

This concept is very flexible, it can be the main dish on your menu or small a part of your menu. More operators are choosing to offer only Black Rock Grill dishes on their menu as it eliminates the need for expensive kitchen staff. Chefs love the concept when incorporated into an existing menu as it takes pressure off the kitchen team so they can focus on the other A la Carte items. Operating a standalone Black Rock Grill only menu is so simple and cost-effective. You know it makes sense.


Small pubs and eateries

Cruises and holidays

Themed restaurants

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