Achieve Pizza Perfection with Effeuno Electric Pizza Ovens

Experience high-quality, professional-grade performance, results in 70seconds!

Why Choose Effeuno?


Effeuno ovens reach up to 509°C (948°F), allowing you to bake perfect pizzas in just 70 seconds!

Made in Italy

Enjoy authentic Italian quality with ovens 100% made in Italy, ensuring durability and perfect baking results.


Ideal for any kitchen, Effeuno ovens are perfect for baking a variety of dishes, including pizza, bread, calzones, pasta al forno, and more.

Oven Highlights and Features

Biscotto Stones- are handmade in Italy. Perfect for the Neapolitan pizza

Digital and Manual Displays- some models are equipped with the latest generation electronic control, featuring an advanced native PID operating mode and a user-friendly touch screen interface. For those who prefer a more traditional approach, manual controls are also available

Low Energy Consumption- heats and hold temperatures extremely well

Extremely Simple Baking-Simple temperature control and operation deliver perfect and individual baking results without much effort.



I have already bought two Effeuno ovens and I am super happy with the quality!

Los Angeles, CA

I can bake tray pizza, Neapolitan pizza, bread, panettone and more with no problems

customer review image of customer
Alexandera J.
Wareham , UK

I chose the taller HA model, It's Fantastic, I Love it!

Daniel V.
Scotland, UK

Exceptional customer service. Black Rock helped me decide which oven model was best for my needs. Thank you for all the help!

Gabriel C.
Florida, USA

Effeuno ovens are used in my mobile pizza business, fast turnaround and performance is 100% with every bake. We have 6 ovens now!

Emma T.
Ontario, Canada

I have been using the P134H for about 3 years now and i can say its a solid and excellent oven, best on the market

customer review image of customer
Robert S.
London, UK

What Oven Model is Right For Me?

P134H graphics
P134HA graphics
Graphic for P234H double deck oven


The Electric Power Supply required is 220 - 240 Volt 230/50-60 Hz

Most homes in the USA and Canada have 240V alternating current lines at the service entrance to the household as well as select locations within the home. A 240 Volt supply is used for energy-dependent machines like ovens, air conditioners, and car charging points. If you require a power outlet, we advise consulting a local electrician to see if this is feasible for you. We have fitted a U.S. standard power cable and NEMA 6-20P 15 amp plug to all Effeuno models available on our website

The Effeuno ovens are shipped on a skid/pallet to protect the oven during transit. We have experienced too many instances where careless courier drivers have caused damage to the ovens by mishandling them. Therefore, the shipping cost reflects the care taken in shipping the oven to you. In the UK we offer a 1-2working day shipping service and USA 2-7working days shipping costs are calculated at checkout , Worldwide we ask you you to email us for more information:

There is a one-year warranty on the Effeuno ovens

The P134 series can cook one 34cm pizza (13 inches), while the P150 can cook one 50cm pizza (19.5 inches)

Who is Effeuno?

Effeuno is a leading company in the design and manufacture of electric ovens for pizza, bakery and pastry industries. The ovens are handmade in Italy and offer the highest quality and reliability thanks to the latest technology