Köp på leasingfinansiering

Minska kassaflödet genom att fördela kostnaden

Black Rock Grill  Set Up Leasing börjar för så lite som £1,22 per dag

(5 års löptid, baserat på 3 års handel, med Shire Leasing)

Effeuno Pizzaugnar för B2B Börja från så lite som £0,76 per dag

(Minsta spendera £1 000, 5-årsperiod, baserat på 3 år handel, med Shire Leasing)

What are the benefits of leasing?

Financing provides your establishment the ability to install your Black Rock Grill set-up or Effeuno Pizza Oven fast, enabling you to grow and become more productive without risking one of your most precious resources— CAPITAL!

Low fixed monthly payments, Plan budgets:

- Payments are fixed so you know when & how much to pay
- Tailored repayment options. Spread the cost over 24-60 months
- You will own the equipment in full after the final payment
- Even new businesses will be considered for lease finance
- Tax-deductible

What is included in the Black Rock Grill set-up?

- 1 Black Rock Grill professional commercial Oven
- Chosen Rock Sets
- Rock Shovel and Pick for moving the hot rocks
-Marketing Materials & Manual
-Marketing support along the way
Please complete this no-obligation application for your easy approval. You will receive a response quickly and we will provide you with the best option designed for your business:

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