80% of restaurant's food sales come from only 16% of the menu items?

80% of restaurant's food sales come from only 16% of the menu items?

No Kidding - It's a Fact. 

So is it time to look at reconcepting and building a menu that is going to be so much more efficient and generate more customer visits and profitability too? 

This is why our Black Rock Grill - Hot Stone cooking concept is so profitable to restaurant owners. 

Take a minute to think about it.  80% of your food sales will come from 16% of your menu. How much food waste are your creating? How much extra work are you piling onto the kitchen staff? How much cash have you got tied up in stock that is just sitting around waiting to go out of date?

Time to rebuild your menu? 

FACT -  for the last 16 years our records show that hot stone cooking, black rock grill table top cooking achieves TOP 10% menu status. (source Black Rock Grill customer survey)

Before they taste your delicious food and drinks, guests will eat with their eyes first, so make sure your menu is whetting their appetite. Black Rock Grill’s steak stones menu builder takes psychology into account to steer your guests toward dishes with high profit margins, with plenty of inspiration for new culinary creations. Introducing hot rock cooking makes your menu revamp a breeze.

Black Rock Grill is a concept that will keep your customers coming back for more and will bring in new customers. 

Black Rock Grill Kitchen Service

The concept is very simple, the rocks are stored and heated in one of our 440°C/820°F rock ovens. The hot rock is taken to the table for the customer to cook their steak on the stone. Straightforward.

Table top cooking is a WOW factor, the theatre it generates is all over social media as guests can't wait to share their experience with their friends and family, their posts will also help your venue get more recognition on restaurant review websites as well as google and other search engines - And that free marketing is just what you need to improve your ranking.

Restaurant owners have described the Black Rock Grill concept as a ‘brand in a box’ because you get everything you need including marketing materials, posters, advice and support. If you think that Black Rock Grill is the way to go then talk to our team today!

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