Hot rock dining for small restaurants and pubs

Pubs and small eateries across the world have seen the difference Black Rock Grill has made to their business.

Revitalise your pub with Black Rock Grill

The dining out market is booming. Are you missing out? Is your food offer just boring? Are you finding it difficult to find and keep good chefs? Many of our customers have had these problems and have revitalised their menu and business with Black Rock Grill hot stone cooking.

How much space do I need in the kitchen?

One of the concerns with a small pub or restaurant is that there isn’t a lot of room for a big oven or equipment, which is why we developed the ROXY12 – a small compact oven that will sit on your countertop or back bar. The oven doesn’t need a hood or exhaust so you will not have to make changes to your kitchen. Simply plug it in and you can start almost straight away.

Who is using Black Rock Grill in this industry?

Here are some small restaurants and pubs who have had a lot of success since adding Black Rock Grill to the menu:

  • The Cork & Bottle - Miami FL
  • Steak Stone & Sushi - Niagra Falls
  • Lava Grill - New York
  • Quigleys On The Rocks - Rugby UK
  • Seakhouse - Saudi Arabia
  • The Quay - Wareham UK
  • Sakagura Japanese - London
  • Kaitleen - Paris France

And there are many many more we can tell you about.

Which Set-Up is going to be right for me?

If you think that hot rock dining is the right solution for your business then the next step is to take a look at our range of ovens and decide which one is best for you. Our friendly team are on hand if you have any questions so click here to give us a call or send an email.

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The ROXY12, ROXY24 & ROXY54 are the set-ups to look at. If you want to offer Appertisers, Entree's and Desserts on the rock then you will need one of our bigger setups. The ROXY54 is an expandable system, start with just the 24 rock set up and expand to 54 as the concept grows.


Our rock ovens are the hottest in the market and heat to 440°C / 824°F this means you can reheat your rocks quicker in our rock ovens. So you need fewer rocks because you can turn them quickly in our superheated ovens. No need to keep your customers waiting.


Your team will be competent and able to upsell Black Rock Grill to your customers in no time. Our industry-leading staff training video & manual is used in conjunction with the competency test. It is straightforward and simple to use.


With 16 years experience and customers from all aspects of the foodservice industry were here to help and keep your steak stone menu fresh and popular. You'll have direct contact with our digital marketing team who will help with social media, press releases and advise on how to improve your venues google ranking. Free of charge.

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