Black Rock Grill and the Paleo diet

Black Rock Grill and the Paleo diet

If you are on the Paleo diet then you are going to love the Black Rock Grill concept! Let us tell you all about it in our latest blog…

The Paleo diet is all about cutting out processed foods and only eating what our ancestors would have eaten. Other names for this diet include the caveman diet or the hunter-gatherer diet. People on this diet tend to eat grass-fed meat, vegetables, seeds and nuts.

People choose to go on the Paleo diet for many reasons including to eat healthier, remove processed foods from their diet or for weight loss. At first, a new diet can seem a bit daunting especially if you need to find new ways of cooking to avoid using fats or oils.

The Paleo diet discourages the use of fats and oils, which raises the question how can you cook meat?

The answer – on a Black Rock Grill.  The hot rock is heated in the oven, a little bit of rock salt is added to the rock then the meat cooks without the use of oils or fats.

It gets better, not only is hot rock cooking perfect for anyone on the Paleo diet, it is really easy to set-up, use and clean and to prove it here is a video:

Now, you would be mistaken if you think Black Rock Grill can only be used for cooking steak, there is a wide range of food that can be cooked on the hot rock including fish, chicken, vegetables, burgers, mushrooms to name a few.

So whether you are on the Paleo diet or just like to eat a tasty steak, you need a Black Rock Grill in your home. We have a wide range of steak on the stone sets available