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Steak and Co London

Black Rock Grill is now available at Steak & Co, London!

London’s Steakhouse restaurants are turning up the heat with Black Rock Grill

To deliver the highest quality of Sizzling Steaks, London’s West End Steakhouse Chain Steak & Co demand only the very best equipment & after sales service to ensure their customers get the very best flavour, cook and dining experience with their top selling Steak & Co Sizzling Steak menu.

London’s restaurant scene is brutally competitive especially the steakhouse sector, so restaurant operators should look for professional black rock grill high-end kit, that will deliver time and time again, kit that is fit for purpose so their customers leave satisfied after their dining experience.

Black Rock Grill counts for quality and performance

For 16 years Black Rock Grill have been supplying to the professional restaurant scene all over the world.

We are over the moon that premium Steakhouse chain Steak & Co with sites in Garrick Street, Covent Garden, St Martins Lane, Gloucester Road and now Steak & Co Leicester Square will be using Black Rock Grills premium rage Steak on the Stone equipment to serve the thousands of Sizzling Steak meals to visitors and the locals of London’s west end.

With the service of quality steak running through our veins, Black Rock Grill works tirelessly to ensure our end users have the very best equipment to enable the team to serve the very best.

Steak & Co London


Black Rock Grill Supplies Two BR108 Super Hot Ovens to keep up with demand

BR108 rock ovens By Black Rock Grill

Mouthwatering flavours and excitement of cooking your own steak sizzling on a super hot stone.

If you have not had the opportunity to sizzle your steak on Black Rock Grill no need to worry, you do not need to plan a trip to London, you can buy your very own Black Rock Grill set from our online store, we have a range of Bamboo & Porcelain steak on the stone sets that will emulate the mouth-watering flavours and excitement of cooking your own steak just like at the famous Steak & Co in the west end.

We do not differentiate between our home-ware and the restaurant steak stone Black Rock Grill Set-Ups. We use the same high-quality stoneware in our entire range. Our competitors like to cut corners and charge more for inferior goods, we regularly have both home users and restaurants operators calling into our offices in Hampshire asking for advising and goods that are fit for purpose.

If you are a professional restaurateur you may like to talk to our sales team so you too can offer your customers the professional Black Rock Grill sizzling steak on the stone experience.


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Black Rock Grill is now available at Steak & Co, London!