Get a Perfect Steak Using Steak Stones

Get a Perfect Steak Using Steak Stones

Cooking steaks is an art form. It requires patience, skill and a lot of practice.

Unfortunately, most home cooks are too impatient to wait for perfect steaks. So they throw them on the grill before they're cooked properly.

They overcook the steaks and ruin them forever.

Or they throw them on the stovetop without oil and turn the heat high enough to scorch the surface but low enough to prevent the steak from cooking through.

Either way, they end up with dry, tough steaks.

There has to be a better way.

But what is it?

Well, here's the secret:

Use a Black Rock Grill Steak Stone!

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If you're a fan of steak, then you've probably heard of cooking on a steak stone. The best steak stones are made of lava stone and are designed to help you cook the perfect steak. When used properly, steak stones can help you achieve a perfectly cooked steak that is juicy and full of flavor. Additionally, steak stones can also help you avoid overcooking your steak, which can lead to a dry and tough piece of meat.

How to Cook on Steak Stones

Steak stones are a great way to cook steak. They provide even heat and help to lock in the flavor of the meat. When cooking with steak stones, it is important to make sure that the stones are heated evenly.

Depending on the heat source you have available at home, there are several ways to heat the stone. Place the stone directly onto a gas or electric stove on full heat for 40-50 minutes. Or place the stone under your grill or broiler on the top shelf, close to the heating element on full heat for 40-50 minutes. If using an oven, set the temperature to 280 degrees Celsius and above. If your oven does not reach 280 C or above, the stone will not reach the required temperature to sizzle! BBQs and pizza ovens can also be used temperature must be above 280 C or you can place the stones in a professional Black Rock Grill hot stone oven, these ovens are designed and manufactured for professional and restaurant use holding up to 108 stones at one time, although we have a lot of home users investing in the ovens if they are keen grillers.

To check that your stone is hot enough, drop a teaspoon of water in the center of the rock. It will evaporate almost immediately if hot enough. If it bubbles for a few seconds, it will need to be heated further.

Once the stones are heated, you have a few options of serving them at the table. You can slice the steak and serve it on a side plate and then place a few slices of steak on the hot stone at a time, like a fondue style of cooking or you can place the whole cut of steak onto the centre of the stone and then slice bite sized pieces of steak off and cook to your liking. Either way the steak is ready to eat within seconds! Cooked to perfection and sizzling hot. Even side dishes can be kept warm on the stone so each mouth is as hot as the last.

They Help You Get a Perfect Steak

Steak stones are a great way to get a perfect steak. They help you cook the steak evenly and prevent it from drying out. They also make it easy to get a nice char on the steak. The stone will cook at the table for around 20-30 minutes when heated to around 300c / 572f. If heated in a Black Rock Grill professional oven your looking at 45 minute cook time and that is when the stones are heated to 440c / 824f.

Steak stones are a great way to cook steak, and they have many benefits. They're easy to use and they help you with regards to portion control. Steak stones help to distribute heat evenly throughout the steak, resulting in tender, flavorful cuts of beef. Not only does this make the steak taste amazing, but it makes it easier to cut. Additionally, they can be used with, seafood, poultry and vegetables. Steak stones are also a healthy way to cook steak, as they don't add any extra fat or calories. No oil or fat is used in the cooking process.

We carry a wide variety of cooking stones to fit your needs and budget. With so many options available, we're confident you'll find something that's right for you. So please browse our collection and find the perfect steak cooking stone made from natural lava stone.

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