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Gifts for people that love eating Al Fresco

Gifts for people that love eating Al Fresco

Lava rocks

Lava rocks will change the life of any BBQ lover and make the perfect gift. The rocks were created from volcanic blasts and the rocks enhance the smoky flavours. The rocks can be used on the BBQ, smokers, chimeneas, fire pits and once the rocks have been used you can use them as mulch on the garden. They can also be used for pond & fish tank filtration. All of these uses make lava rocks a very practical gift, so whether the person you are buying for loves a BBQ or needs filter media for the pond or tank (or maybe both!) you won’t go wrong with lava rocks.

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lava rocks

Griddle pan

The Black Rock Grill cast iron griddle pan is the perfect addition to any BBQ. It is reversible, one side to give the food a ridged effect and the other side is used as a hot plate. The griddle will enhance any BBQ and can be used in the oven – a useful feature for when the weather turns! Click here to see all the product features for the cast iron griddle pan.

Steak on the stone sets

If you are looking for an unusual gift, then look no further than our Steak on the Stone range, foodies across the world love cooking on a Black Rock Grill and they are great for BBQ’s and Al Fresco diners.

There is so much that you can cook on the hot rock including:

  • Steak
  • Seafood
  • Burgers
  • Fajitas
  • Poultry
  • Vegetables

If they love food, then they will have hours of enjoyment trying out new recipes and once they have tried Black Rock Grill they will never look back. The taste of the food is far superior to other cooking methods because the hot rock doesn’t use oils or fats to cook, instead, it keeps all the juices in the meat which gives its unique taste. Click here to see our range of steak on the stone products.

black rock grill sharing stone

Heat resistant gloves

Make them the king or queen of the BBQ with these heat resistant gloves. Much better than an oven glove, they will withstand heat up to 500c/ 824f and they look really cool too! The gloves are multi-purpose, not only are they great for handling hot objects they can also be used for handling some sharp objects and handling metal objects and concrete. Click here to visit our shop.

Steak knives

Every great cook needs good quality knives for their steak and these Tramontina knives are of the highest quality and can easily cut through any steak. They not only have a good cut to them but they look elegant and are an ideal weight but don’t just take our word for it, check out the reviews on our shop.

tramontina steak knife

So there you have it, some great gift ideas for anyone that loves food and cooking. Go on, treat someone you love to something they will love.

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