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How to cook the perfect burger

How to cook the perfect burger

Do you know how to cook the perfect burger? There are so many cooking options but our customers love cooking burgers on a Black Rock Grill as the taste is superior and it is easy to use (no fuss, no mess, just really good food!).

The quality of the meat is vital to having a delicious burger that will impress. We recommend you mince and make your own burgers from meat that you know is 100% fresh and traceable, this could also be a good selling point for your restaurant as people like to know where their meat comes from.

Unlike other steak stone suppliers, Black Rock Grill rock ovens are designed to heat the stones to grill all meats and entrees. Your rocks are up to temperature when you see the Crackle – sprinkle with a little flakey grilling salt, watch the crackle and then sear the burger directly onto the rock.

Stand out from the crowd…

The restaurant industry is very competitive and these days you could end up with a competitor directly opposite your restaurant. Instead of copying your competitors, get an edge over them by standing out from the crowd by giving your customers good food AND an exciting new dining experience.

The dining out market is growing by 12% per annum, the humble burger is one of the most popular choices from lunchtime menus in all types of food service venues. Burger sales represent 18% of the lunch menu market which means you really should be doing something about gaining a fair share of that market for your business.

burger on the steak stone

Remember the growing vegetarian market

Vegetarian burgers cook wonderfully on sizzling hot stones so ensure that you have the vegetarian angle covered when preparing your menus.

If you have any questions about adding Black Rock Grill to your menu or would like a quote, click here to contact us and one of our experts will get in touch with you.

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