Saudi steak house chain partners with Black Rock Grill

Saudi steak house chain partners with Black Rock Grill

Black Rock Grill has partnered with the Steak House Chain, in Saudi Arabia. The chain has launched a great new menu which still includes their Black Rock Grill offering. The chain has been using Black Rock Grill in their Steak House Restaurant group for the past 5 years and their customers wouldn’t have it any other way, the hot rock dining concept has really taken off, people from all over the world flock to the restaurants to try the Black Rock Grill concept and with a chain of 20 venues, Steak House is a real family favourite.

Like a few of our customers, the Steak House Group decided to offer a range of food on the menu instead of offering just Black Rock Grill. They also offer soup, sandwiches and deserts so there is something for all foodies looking for a good meal.

The family dining Steak House chain is going from strength to strength and was recently awarded the Saudi Tourism award for the best casual dining restaurant award. The owners of the Steak House group believe that the hot rock dining concept had a lot to do with their winning the award because customers love the theatre that Black Rock Grill brings to the table and the unique flavours that just can’t be beaten. They also love that this method of cooking is much healthier than other methods because the rock doesn’t use oils or fats to cook.

Now, let’s talk about how Black Rock Grill could fit into your restaurant. Click here to find out more about the Black Rock Grill concept and why everyone is falling head over heels for hot rock dining. Don’t forget, if you are ever in Saudi – pop into a Steak House restaurant and try their Black Rock Grill offering – you won’t be disappointed.

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