black rock grill sharing steak stones set

The Hottest Kit in the Kitchen

Pub grub has come a long way since the days of scampi and chips, and chicken in a basket. Today punters want to be WOWED with fresh ingredients, exotic flavours and healthier alternatives.

And as expectations rise, so too does pressure on the pub operators to get their culinary offerings right.

Getting the right concept and kit in the kitchen can make the difference between culinary sensation and dietary disasters, glowing reviews and outright panning, profit and loss. But with pub operators often squeezed for space and short on trained chefs, choosing the right equipment can be a minefield.

Black Rock Grill hot stone cooking dining concept can help reduce kitchen staff costs, improve the speed of service and create a totally unique and exciting dining concept for your business. Create a UPS for your business!

black rock grill steak stones sharing set

Black Rock Grill is a versatile dining concept. Some Black Rock Grill operators add the steak stone concept to an already well established menu to bring a little sizzle into the menu, others will run stand alone hot rock menus. 

The innovative dining concept will bring in new customers and excite your current loyal customers. 

Black Rock Grill is the market leader in the hot stone cooking concept. We export our cooking stones worldwide to pubs, restaurants, hotels, resorts, golf courses, casinos and cruise liners. We offer one to one support to make sure you are getting the most out of the concept.

We have four beautifully crafted stone grill ovens that hold and heat the rocks to 440c/ 824f. Set-up’s for any sized establishment. Check out our Professional Range

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