Will Black Rock Grill - Steak Stone cooking work in my Pub or Restaurant?

Will Black Rock Grill - Steak Stone cooking work in my Pub or Restaurant?

It's been a tough few years for the restaurant industry, with many independent businesses shutting down and even some major chains closing branches, including Cafe Rouge, Carluccios, Gourmet burger kitchen, and Pizza express. Some operators have changed direction, while others have managed to weather the storm.
Now, just as things were starting to pick up after the Covid lock downs, we're facing another crisis: war and inflation. How much more can your business take?
How are you going to make a difference & thrive this summer? We only have a short window to drive sales and boost the bottom line to build up some cash reserves for winter and the next crisis. Sorry to be so negative, but that's how I feel about business at the moment.
If you're looking for ways to boost your sales and cut costs, you've come to the right place. The black rock grill tabletop Concept is a great option that won't break the bank. But does it really work? And is it the best option out there? Keep reading to find out the answers to these questions and more. 

Is Hot Stone Cooking Successful in Pubs and Restaurants? 

hot stone cooking in kitchen
Before I started Black Rock Grill, hospitality was my whole life.  I was in the pub trade with 7 leased pubs, I started Black Rock Grill because I was confident the steak stones concept would be a success in the UK. About Us
I used my bars as a test-bed for the new hot rock concept. I had a mixture of pubs including community boozers, music venues, high street pubs with sport, and hotel/pubs with a few rooms. I installed Black Rock Grills in all of my pubs and bars, to see if it would be a hit with customers. It turned out that it was a big success in 5 out of 7 venues - people loved the idea of being able to cook their own steaks to their liking.
The 5 pubs that implemented the steak stones menu successfully saw an increase in sales of food and drink, without any major cost increases in the kitchen. Sure, wages went up, but this was offset by the fact that the restaurants were busy and needed extra hands to serve the new menu. The steak stone menu had attracted a whole new customer base, resulting in more business for the pubs.
After trading with Black Rock Grill for 20 months in the pubs, my food and wet sales increased, as well as my net profit. This made the pubs more attractive for me to sell, so I exited the pub trade in 2005 to focus on my new company. 
See a selection of restaurants and pubs who have excelled with the hot stone cooking system here: 

What about the pubs that black rock grill didn't make an impact in? 

The main reasons why steak stones didn't work were:
Poor management
The manager didn't get behind the Lava stone concept and so it failed because no effort was made to get the word out there that Black Rock Grill was being served in the pub's location.
Wrong venue
This site had never served tables other than crisps and nuts and frankly, I was wrong to think that we could get the existing customer base to start dining at the pub and expect new customers looking to dine to come to a boozer for a steak supper, especially with the reputation the pub had locally.

Do customers like cooking on the hot stone?

 Your customers will love their steak on our hot stones! We have been perfecting the hot steak stone concept for 17 years, and we've seen first -hand how much people enjoy it. Customers love using the hot rocks because it brings the theatre and atmosphere to the table. We've had lots of customers say that this is the best steak they've ever tasted and it's sizzling hot to the last bite! Plus, customers can interact and cook their meals to their own liking, making for a fun and interactive dining experience.
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What can I cook on the Lava Stones?

Steak and meats taste delicious because the meat is cooked and seared at high temperatures, resulting in a juicy, flavoursome meal. But this is not the only thing you heat & eat on our Lava stones it can be tailored for fresh fish, seafood, vegetables, chicken, pork, lamb, burgers, and even desserts! Recipe Ideas.
vegetables on the steak stonescallops on the hot rockdessert on the black rock grill steak stone

What are the benefits of investing in a Black Rock Grill set-up for my business?

Increases your average spend.
Getting customers to spend more on a visit is key, offering a unique dining concept with premium produce
Makes customers come back more often.
Customers will come back for more once they have experienced the unique dining concept and cooked their meal exactly as they like it sizzling hot till the last bite. This aspect of the restaurant makes it stand out among others and keeps customers coming back for more.
Works alone or with your current menu.
The black rock grill hot stone cooking is a very versatile concept that can complement any menu. Our operators have used the hot stone concept as a stand-alone offer, and it has been extremely popular and successful. This will give your business a unique selling point.
Generates more profit.
It requires fewer costs in the kitchen and results in less food wastage. Consequently, your business can save money on food preparation and avoid lost revenue from spoiled or wasted ingredients.
Reduces kitchen costs.
With our systems, minimal kitchen staffing is needed to run it effectively. Additionally, it is very user friendly which can take a lot of pressure off a busy kitchen staff. Overall, investing in one of our set-ups can be a great way to reduce costs and improve efficiency in your restaurant kitchen.
Increase covers.
With the stones being heated in purpose-built ovens. This can help reduce wait times for customers and keep them satisfied. Additionally, the set-up is easy to use and clean, meaning that little time is needed to prepare meals.
Quick Delivery.
Receive fast delivery of the setup to your venue. We have setups in stock and can deliver to locations around the UK and the world, meaning you won't have to wait long to get started on your new menu.
Great quality products and ovens.
The ovens can heat up to an extremely hot 440c/824f, ensuring that the lava stones are sizzling when they reach your customers. We have a range of different sets available for you to choose from, so you can find the perfect one for your business.
black rock grill 54 rock set up oven

Set-ups tailored to your requirements.


See our commercial setups here: Trade Set-ups to suit your business.

It is also worth noting that Black Rock Grill Does Not Need:

- Special wiring (runs on normal single phase 220-240v supply)
- Extra ventilation in the kitchen (nothing special needed)
- Huge space (oven footprint only 730mm x770mm/29 inches x 31.5 inches)
- To pay licence fees (straight purchase or lease and no ‘tie-in’)
- Huge investment (costs can be covered in one year by as little as 2 extra meals each day)
- Involved feasibility study (we can provide this for you based on feedback from current users)
 If you are looking to add a bit of excitement to your menu and drive in some new business, then this concept may be a big hit for you. This style of food service has been successful in many pubs and restaurants around the UK & the world. It continues to bring in repeat customers. Don’t miss out on this trend – contact us today to learn more about how you can get started with Black Rock Grill the Market leader in Lava Stone setups for eateries around the world. We would be happy to answer any questions you have or even book a time for one of our team members to call you. Alternatively book in a call for a time that suits you here.
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