What exactly is BRG?

Black Rock Grill is a concept that allows customers to take control of their own meal by cooking it themselves at the table. The food is cooked at high temperature on a volcanic rock, which itself has been heated to over 440 degrees Celsius /824 Fahrenheit in a specially designed and purpose-built oven.

The Black Rock Grill Professional system is sold a complete package to ensure you the operator are completely compliant with Food Safety and Health & Safety requirements. We offer the Black Rock Grill set up in 3 oven sizes and two different Brands; The ROXY series and The BR series.

If you are enhancing your current offer, whether you choose the ROXY or The BR series we will have the right package at the right price and the right quantity of rocks to suit your business ambitions.

Black Rock Grill:

•     Supplies kit that is tested food safe and fit for purpose (watch out for cheap copies)

•     Gives you an edge over your competitor

•     Introduces a USP like no other

•     Helps you promote healthy dining as no fat or oil is used

•     Allows you to serve meals in 6-8 minutes from order

•     Lets customers cook their meal just the way they want it (no more returned meals)

•     Adds value to an existing menu or operates as stand-alone dining experience

•     Relieves the pressure on busy shifts in the kitchen as most grilled items can be cooked on the rock

•     Offers your customers an experience they won’t forget

•     Brings theatre and live cooking directly to the table

•     Improves your gross profit as all meals are made to order

•     Allows you to add a premium price to dishes on the rock

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