Focaccia Bread

Bake beautiful fresh focaccia at home

Serves 4-6 people

Difficulty - Medium


Strong white flour        


Lukewarm water (2)


Lukewarm water( 1)


Olive oil


Sourdough Starter (or you can use 10g of fresh yeast or 5g of dry active yeast)


Rosemary (or topping of choice)




Black Rock Grill granite baking stone

Preheat in oven to 230c


Beautiful focaccia bread recipe to create and bake at home on our solid lava baking stone. Our baking stone will transform your baking results. The baking stone creates even heat distribution, absorbs additional moisture for a crisper bake and helps to improve the rise.

Follow our steps to bake the perfect focaccia:

1. Mix lukewarm water 1 (350ml) and 550g of strong white flour together and let it rest for at least 20 minutes

2. Add 200g of sourdough starter to the initial mix, if you don't have a sourdough starter, you can use:

-10g of fresh yeast

-5g of dry active yeast

3. Add lukewarm water 2 (50ml) to 15g of salt and dissolve it

4. Incorporate the salt water mix to your dough

5. Least to rest for 20 minutes

6. Add 50ml of olive oil to the dough

7. Slightly oil a container, and place dough into it and cover with a lid or towel, leave for 1 hour

8. After a 1 hour rest at room temperature give it a fold and then leave for a further 1 hour

9. Give it another fold and place it overnight in the fridge

10. The dough should have now doubled in volume, place parchment paper into a baking tray and place your dough and spread it to the edges

11. After 30 minutes of resting pour a generous amount of oil onto the dough

12. Place your Black Rock Grill Baking Stone into the cold oven. Pre heat your oven to 230c

13. Place your favourite topping then press firmly into the dough

14. Just before loading into the oven sprinkle sea salt flakes on top of the dough, it can now be placed into the pre heated oven and drop the temperature to 210c and bake for 30 minutes.

15. Right after taking the focaccia out the oven brush it with a generous amount of oil and let it cool down....ENJOY!

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