Heritage Tomahawk Steak- Cooked on the Steak Stones Sharing Set

For the serious steak lovers

Serves - 2 people

Prep time - 40 minutes

Difficulty - Medium


Heritage Tomahawk Steak 1kg


Green Pesto with Basil and pine nuts


Vine Tomatoes

1 vine


Garlic Bulb


Chips / Sweet Potato Fries


1kg Heritage Tomahawk Steak cooked on the Black Rock Grill Steak Stones Sharing Set is for the serious steak lovers!

Follow our steps to cook this delicious meal using the hot rock.

1. Heat the rock in the oven or on the hob or under the grill. (refer to your Black Rock Grill heating instructions which are provided in the box with the product)

2. Roast or pan cook the half garlic bulb

3. Sprinkle a little sea salt onto the rock to break the barrier between the meat and rock and then place the tomahawk steak and vine tomatoes on the sizzling hot steak stone.

4. After 5 minutes turn the steak over and serve at the table. Top the steak with the green pesto. We advise you then slice bite sized pieces of steak and sear each individual slice to your liking.

5. Any sides that you want to keep warm can be placed on the rock.

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