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Genus Dei Italian Pizza Dough Box with Lid 40x30x10cm

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More Stock Due Early June 2024.

Professional Authentic Italian food safe pizza dough box with lid.

These dough boxes are very high quality, keeping your dough fresh as possible for longer. Very durable and long lasting with solid base and sides.

Key Features:

- External Size: 40cm x 30cm x 10cm / Internal Size: 36cm x 26cm x 9cm / Weight:  0.75kg

- Ideal leavening: To achieve good leavening you need two basic elements: time and ideal container. Thanks to the Genus Dei cassette you will get perfect dough, neither damp, nor dry but risen optimally.

- Benefits: The box is suitable for food contact, it is stack able and transportable. The sheltered and non-airtight lid allows the dough to maintain optimal hydration without drying out. Suitable for the fridge as well.

 - White PE (Polyethylene) 100% Food Safe safe. Easy to clean.

 All items are entirely made in Italy. They are made of materials certified for food contact and meet the requirements of European regulation.

About the Brand:

Genus Dei manufacture the best quality pizza dough boxes available on the market. Their philosophy is synonymous with quality and this makes them unique in the industry.

They opened in 2008 as a producer of polypropylene trays. These were created with the aim of satisfying the most demanding clients and offering unique characteristics and solutions. 

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