Mad Rex & Black Rock Grill – Worlds First Post-Apocalyptic Restaurant

Mad Rex & Black Rock Grill – Worlds First Post-Apocalyptic Restaurant

Philadelphia Newest Black Rock Grill Restaurant Experience

The world's very first post-apocalyptic restaurant has opened in Philidaphia. This huge space is broken up into different spaces, with seats for 225 at regular tables
and high-tops, a long bar, lounge areas, a virtual reality room, and not-yet-installed outdoor seating.

What does a post-apocalyptic restaurant look like we hear you ask - well, there are mannequins dressed in post-apocalyptic clothing, graffiti, skull light fixtures and pilot’s ejector seat for selfies (you are probably wondering at this point why you haven’t heard about this before and how you can book a table - we have put a link in the last paragraph for you)

Weapons & Guns set up in one display in the lobby area when I first visited have been swapped for weapons with more of a movie-prop feel, like a crossbow and a bat wrapped with barbed wire.

Now onto the virtual reality lounge... 

There’s an open lounge with couches and chairs opposite the dining room and bar. If you don’t want people at the bar to look at you in your headset, there’s also a closed-off VR room where cushy seats are arranged in a circle and drinks are consumed through a bag-and-straw getup made to look like an IV.

Black Rock Grill is central to the themed menu

This Restaurant rocks and you can smell what is cooking on the black rock grill as soon as you walk in. 

You may feel like you have suffered apocalyptic shock but one thing is for sure the dining experience will restore all your bodily senses.

Your smell and touch are restored as your Black Rock Grill Steak On The Stone arrives, served by a competent, smiling server. Next, your sight & hearing kicks in as you can see and hear the sizzle of your chosen meal and then finally TASTE the best steak you will ever experience the unique flavour of Black Rock Grill.

The new American menu includes locally sourced steak, chicken, or fish with some outstanding sources and rubs to accompany your chosen entree.

The Seared salmon steak wants to impress and by searing on the rock it releases the natural juices which explode with happiness as the flavours dance on your tongue.

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