How to convert a gas BBQ / grill to Lava Rocks

How to convert a gas BBQ / grill to Lava Rocks

Converting your gas barbecue / grill to lava rocks is not only simple but will bring great benefits to your cook.

Most modern gas grills now have metal barriers that sit over the gas burners "heat tents", which are angled metal sheets to catch any grease. If these are not cleaned very regularly grease will build up and large flare ups will occur. If cleaned and used correctly it will reduce flare ups, but if you are a grilling king you will also notice the reduce in flavour!

There are very few gas BBQ grills on the market that are sold with lava rocks included and those that are are quite expensive. But there is a solution that's very simple.

All you will need is a metal shelf that will sit inside your gas BBQ grill just above the gas burners and some Black Rock Grill Lava Rocks.

Firstly check with the BBQ grill manufactures to see if they are able to provide a shelf for your model, if not you will need to measure the area and source your own easily online.

Measuring up is key, you need to make sure the new metal grill grate fits onto the shelf brackets that the "heat tents" sit on. You may find the perfect size with a online retailer for under £20 /$30 or there are retailers that provide custom sizing for the more unique sized BBQ grills.

You will need to remove the heat tents, keep these in case you decide to convert back one day or sell the BBQ grill on. Also something to consider before converting to lava rocks is that this may void your manufacturer warranty.  Place the new metal grill grate inside the BBQ grill onto the brackets and create a layer of lava rocks on top of it making sure they are evenly distributed. Make sure air can still flow through but cover the burners to protect them from fat drippings.

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Cleaning the lava rock is so easy. After a few cooks the lava rocks capture the grease and fat, Simple steps for cleaning:

- Let the barbecue grill go cold

- Turn the lava rocks upside down so the grease side is facing downwards

-Place some aluminium tin foil on the grill grate, this will help trap heat, then close the barbecue grill

-Turn the barbecue to high and leave for 30 minutes. During this time do not open the hood lid, you may see some smoke but this is normal and shows it is working

- Let the BBQ grill cool and check the lava rocks, repeat the process if needed.

Lava Rocks will last between 6-12 months depending how how much you use the grill.

Lava Rocks for gas barbecue grills create great benefits:

- Reduce flare up

-Even heat distribution

-Healthy as no oil or fat is needed

-Improve the heat of the cook

-Gets rid of nasty smells

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