Hire Black Rock Grill for your wedding or event

Bride & Groom enjoying Black Rock Grill

Since the Launch of the Event Hire business the take up has been growing steadily with event caterers and private individuals seize the opportunity to  have the Black Rock Grill  dining system at their event.

Contract Caterers know that being able to offer something different for there clients is always going to give them the edge over their competition and that is where Black Rock Grill has benefited their packages.

The systems is simple to operate and with a little training, staff soon get to grips with the Steak on the stone service procedure.

The popularity of Stone Grill dining has been growing over the years and Black Rock Grill are the only provider in the UK that can cater for functions from 12 to 200 Plus.

Managing Director Peter Hatter has a back ground in catering and understands the complexities that are involved is arranging a set up for 200 diners. “We keep it simple with Black Rock Grill, every guest is guaranteed a hot meal cooked just the way they like it”.

Event Caterers soon realise the many benefit’s of hiring the system:

  • Adding a UPS to event packs
  • Fewer Staff required in service
  • Wow Factor for Guests and visitors
  • Comprehensive staff familiarisation and training for front and back of house
  • Very quick service and clear down
  • Full or Partial Hire Packages so if no wash up is available this will be undertaken back at base by BRG
  • Every diner gets their meal cooked just the way they like it
  • Every diner get a super hot meal that stays hot until the last bite
If you need any further information on our Event Hire http://www.blackrockgrill.com/event-hire.html

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