Perfect premium steak

Cook the perfect steak using a Black Rock Grill

Prep time - 10 minutes

Difficulty - Easy


Fillet steak



Seasonings and flavoured butters



For this recipe, we are using the Black Rock Grill Premium Steak on the Stone set but you can use any steak stone set for this recipe. The stone is ideal for one person, if you are looking to cook for more than one person then you will need more rocks or our Sharing Stone.

1. Heat the rock in the oven or hob (please refer to your heating instructions which are provided in box with the product)
2. Select a nice central cut of fillet. Trim off any fat
3. Cook the chips and prepare the salad.
4. Select your favourite butter, sauces and seasoning and enjoy a meal that you’ll never tire of.

Cut off slices and cook to your liking on the steak stone. The searing process ensures that large cuts are not quickly cooked through, so if your preference is on the rare side, you can still enjoy your meal exactly as you like. Ideal for dining parties, family meals and date nights.

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