hot to heat

The rocks can be heated in a number of ways. For home use you can heat on a gas or electric hob/stove, under the grill element in the oven on the top shelf or in an oven that reaches over +280C/540F, or you can purchase our Black Rock Grill domestic hot rock oven that will store and heat 12 rocks at a time to 440c / 824f. The key for a perfect cook is to get the heat to the core of the rock. Hotter the better! Each set comes with a care and heating instruction sheet.

How to heat video, Watch Now.

How To Heat for Restaurant Use-  

Commercial Restaurants we strongly recommend our professional systems as these provide the simplest, most compact way of heating large numbers of black rocks at a time. Our Ovens are built for purpose and heat the rocks to the recommended temperature of 440c / 824f.