Surf & Turf Recipe

Beautiful surf & turf sharing dish

Serves two to four people

Difficulty - Easy Time: 1hr prep


1-2 Beef Fillet Steaks

225g each

Sea salt flakes

Lobster Tails

2-4 tails

Fresh side salad

Jumbo Scallops

3-6 each


Garlic butter


Black Rock Grill Sharing Steak Stone Grill Set

Preheat (see instructions for heating)


Create a truly exciting dinner party dish. WOW your dinner guests with a surf and turf cooked live at the table sizzling hot till the last bite!

We have gone for some juicy fillet steaks, lobster tails and jumbo scallops all cooked on our Black Rock Grill Sharing Steak Stone Grill Set. Perfect for 2-4 people.

Follow our steps to cook this delicious meal using the hot lava stone:

1. Heat the stone as per instructions.

3. Cook your chips and prepare the side salad while the stone is heating.

2. We advise you crack the lobster tail shell either with a sharp knife or scissors so that the shell can lay flat on the stone. You can marinate the flesh in a garlic butter for extra flavour if you wish. Scallops can be cooked directly on the stone or you can cook them in their shell, which is a very quirky way of serving.

3. Once the stone is up to temperature take to the table and place your metal fondue burners underneath the stone and light. The burners run off a fondue fuel gel, which can be purchased / repurchased on our website HERE. The fuel gel will burn for approx 1 hour so will extend your cooking period.

4. Sprinkle a little sea salt flakes onto the surface on the stone. This will break the barrier between stone and meat and avoid sticking and also give some flavour.

5. Place your steaks and seafood onto the stone and enjoy! Every mouthful as hot as the last and cooked to perfection!

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