Produce Prize Pizzas Fast with New Innovative Effeuno Ovens

Produce Prize Pizzas Fast with New Innovative Effeuno Ovens

If you’re planning on starting up a new pizza shop or restaurant take-away and looking for a powerful oven that’s fast and reliable, then look no further than the three we’re about to show you. 

Of course, you may already be up-and-running or an established hot food provider or commercial restaurant and realise your current electric pizza oven just isn’t functioning as well as some of the state-of-the-art Effeuno indoor pizza ovens on the market. Again, if this is you, take a few minutes to digest this article. It could change the way you think about ovens for ever. 

The three ovens we’ll be looking at in detail are designed for commercial purposes. These are the Gara-Tron, Super-Tron and Super-Mech – all from Effeuno. 

Getting to grips with the Gara-Tron

effeuno p134garatron

 A fast-cooking pizza oven which is primarily for commercial use, but can also be used in the home, the Effeuno Gara-Tron oven can reach a maximum temperature of 550°C. The pizza sits on a biscotto refractory stone plate to allow it to cook evenly at such a high temperature.

Using digital technology, it’s also possible to increase or lower the temperature by percentages to cook as accurately as possible. A halogen lamp means you can always keep an eye on what’s inside. And, despite the heat of the oven inside, the outside remains cool to touch so there’s no concern about staff burning themselves.

This pub pizza oven measures 35 x 40 x 14 cm / 13.7 x 15.7 x 5.5 IN and can take a 34 cm pizza. The outer size is 69 x 67 x 40 cm / 27.1 x 26.3 x 15.7 IN. It operates via electricity, up to a 220V / 230V ~ 50/60Hz. Many claim this is the best pizza oven for a pub or small take-away.

Superiority with the Super-Tron


An oven that cooks up to four pizzas at a time - both frozen and fresh – the effeuno Pizza Oven - P434SUPER-TRON is ideal for fast food-away outlets and busy commercial restaurants. It’s also one of the best pizza ovens for your pizza take-away. That’s because it’s all about high performance, speed and perfection.

The latest in technological innovation, super-accurate digital control means easy it’s easy to switch up or down temperature, literally at the flick of a button. Better than that though, it can reach a heat blasting maximum of 450°C.

Other pluses include an internal shelf and resistant steel cooking chamber (made from Inox steel). You’ll also find a high-efficiency halogen lamp so you can see how quickly and well your pizzas are cooking.

Forced ventilation keeps the outside of the oven cool, meaning there’s no problem accidentally brushing against it.

Speeding up with the Super-Mech

Effeuno super mech

 Super-busy commercial outlets can perfectly cook up to eight pizzas at a time with the Effeuno Pizza Oven P834 SUPER-MECH. This makes this particular Effeuno offering the best pizza oven for restaurant use.

A large mechanically-controlled super-fast professional pizza oven for restaurants and high street take-away outlets.

It boasts an incredibly fast turnaround. For starters, the maximum temperature is up to 450° C. Roomy inside, with two floors, it can produce eight super-hot pizzas of 34 cm or two trays of pizzas measuring 60x40 cm. 

The Effeuno Pizza Oven Super-Mech comes with the same special qualities its little brothers can boast of, such as a super-reinforced inner chamber, halogen lighting and forced ventilation to keep the exterior cool. And it’s certainly the fastest cooking pizza oven for your restaurant.

 Help with finance- 

It’s easy to finance your brand new Effeuno pizza oven here at Black Rock Grill. We offer lease financing on all effeuno pizza ovens. Pay as little as £1.32 a day over five years (or less). And, at the end of the period you’ll own the oven. 

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