Small Biscotto Clay Pizza Stone - Pizza Baking 39x34x3cm

Small Biscotto Clay Pizza Stone - Pizza Baking 39x34x3cm

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The beautiful handmade biscotto claystone is specially designed for baking pizzas and bread in a pizza oven. It is handmade in Italy. The developers' goal was to create the perfect baking base at the very high temperatures required for a Neapolitan pizza (450C), guaranteeing absolute non-toxicity and health safety, as well as very low weight and relatively low cost. 

Because of its size and thickness, we advise you use it at a heat temperature of 400c+. It's not suitable for domestic ovens.

Size: 390mm x 340mm x 30mm  size may vary (+/- 5mm) based on supply from the source. You are able to cut it to a custom size at your own risk. 

Weight: 5.5kg weight may vary (+/- 500g) based on supply from source

Baking Stone Benefits:

-Even Heat distribution

-Absorbs additional moisture for a crispier bake

-Helps to improve the rise

Before first use
The stone has a top side and a bottom side. The top side has the smoothest surface, while the bottom side can be somewhat rough.
Burn-In takes place by placing the stone in the oven and baking at half power for 60 minutes. Then let the stone cool slowly down to room temperature before you give it a second Burn-In, but now at full power, for 60 minutes. After this, the Biscotto stone is burnt-in and ready for use. Note: Burn-In may create smoke inside the oven, this is quite normal, simply open the oven door to release the smoke. 

Cleaning and maintenance
Do not use soap and water. To clean simply brush the Hot Stone with a Brass Pizza Wire Brush. Avoid steel wire brush as it is too hard against the stone. Fine dust can be removed with a slightly damp cloth when the stone is cold.

Biscotto stone is not a perfectly carved stone
Due to the fragile nature of the stone, we do not offer any guarantee on the stones. This is standard industry practice. If your stove comes with a broken or cracked stone, you must contact us immediately.

Every Biscotto stone is individual and handmade and so you can expect to see creases, wrinkles, hay, sand, and many other imperfections in the claystone. This is the industry norm. The manufacturer will not exchange or replace stones that have minor damage it occurs naturally during manufacture. Because these stones are handmade, air-dried, and then oven-dried, it quite often results in imperfections and splits & creases along the edges. Such minor damage does not change the performance of the stone or the oven and is therefore not considered a defect. 

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